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Inspired by the work of Frederico Fellini, LA MACCHINA was written in 2006 and in 2022 got its first recording exclusively for this release by Stereo Atlantico, inaugurating the CLASSIC series with productions of original works and reinterpretations of the world classic repertoire.
Chamber music has always aroused a lot of interest for composer Eduardo Queiroz, who seeks to explore the sounds and technical possibilities of different formations such as string quartets, duos and trios in addition to brass quintets and, as in LA MACCHINA, the wind quintet. Led by clarinetist Diogo Maia, partners of Eduardo Queiroz in several productions, the quintet was formed especially for the recording with the participation of Júila Pedron (flute) and Rodrigo Nagamori (oboe), musicians who also participated in several projects with the composer. As guests, young horn player Eric Silva and bassoonist Erick Ariga complete the group.
LA MACCHINA is inspired by the very particular universe of Fellini and Italy in the 50s and 60s, with its characters and urban landscapes that were an aesthetic and dramaturgical landmark, that continue to be a source of inspiration and admiration.
LA MACCHINA was recorded in Dolby Atmos by engineer Clemente Zular in São Paulo in April 2022.

Photo by Cristiano Burmester

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